From assembly to dismantling – Kilic have been there all the way.


Jason Kilic started working in his family business, Kilic Engineering as a 19 year old.  Kilic built and installed conveyor systems, steel works, platforms, ladders and manipulators during the many upgrades to the Elizabeth Holden manufacturing plant.

As Managing Director of Kilic 30 years later,  it’s with some sadness that Jason is part of the same company dismantling hundreds of tonnes of steel across three press lines and preparing them for packaging and shipping to South Africa and Poland.

The 9AA press line from Plant 4 which was dismantled earlier this year, was bought by Italian company ‘MA’ who have operations worldwide.

‘MA’  have also purchased 8A and CA presses, the dismantling of these is happening now and is expected to take about three months, with 10 skilled employees working on each line.

Jason says he’s seen a lot of change in automotive manufacturing technologies over the last 30 years – from manual processes through to robot systems – but the best part has been the friendships he’s formed over Kilic’s long and prosperous association with Holden.