Holden heritage is kept alive


A dedicated group of ex Holden employees are making sure the history of vehicle manufacturing in Australia is preserved for generations to come, by collecting and storing decades of historical Holden artefacts, dating back to 1856.

Alan Ainsworth worked at Holden for 37 years, starting as a mechanic in 1970 and retiring as a Senior Industrial Engineer in 2007.

For nearly two years, Alan and the Heritage Group have been painstakingly collecting documents, photographs, pieces of equipment, vehicles and drawings from around the Elizabeth plant and the State Library of SA.

Over 7 gigabytes (GB) of records have been created by scanning and cataloguing materials to make sure they’re all together in one place.

Alan says the artefacts include things like newsreel footage from the 1920’s that shows the largest press in the Southern Hemisphere being delivered to the Woodville plant, a letter from a Mr Gibbs to a Mr Kelly from the late 1950’s telling him about the opening of the Elizabeth plant and the relevant train timetables and fairs from Port Adelaide and Adelaide.

The artefacts are now stored securely at the Elizabeth plant and will eventually be on display in the foyer of the Administration Building, for everyone to enjoy.