Jobs Fair

Connecting employers with skilled workers

Holden held its second Jobs Fair in August 2017, with the aim of connecting Holden workers our supplier employees and former Holden employees with real job opportunities.

60 South Australian businesses were involved, ranging from mining to pharmaceuticals, to bring workers and employers together in one room.

The consensus from employers has been the skills learnt at Holden and in the auto industry are highly valued.

Some employers had vacancies they were looking to fill immediately whereas others took a longer-term approach, seeking to understand the skillsets and experience of potential future employees.

For Holden’s and our supplier’s workers, it was a valuable opportunity to engage face-to-face with different organisations about the opportunities available to them. Some heard about career pathways they may not have considered and others heard from Holden workers who have already made a successful transition to another employer, both of which brought a sense of positivity about the future.

Only companies with current and future job vacancies were invited to take part in Holden’s Jobs Fair and between them they have hundreds of positions available to employees.

They came from a range of sectors with variety of roles to suit different skill levels.

Companies included: BHP Billiton, Pfizer, Adelaide Oval Stadium Management, Anglicare, Lendlease Engineering, SA Police, Bunnings, Seeley International, SA Care, Revolution Roofing, Cobham Aviation Services and Detmold Group.