Future of the site

Melbourne-based developer Pelligra Group confirmed as buyer of the site.

After a six-month Expression of Interest process, an interstate purchaser has been chosen for the Elizabeth site.

Holden has confirmed the successful buyer of its former manufacturing plant at Elizabeth as the Melbourne-based developer Pelligra Group, which will re-name the extensive site “Lionsgate Business Park”.

We look forward to bringing you more information about the new purchaser and detailed plans for the site soon.

What’s planned for the site?

Pelligra plans to transform the site into Lionsgate Business Park, a master-planned, innovative business park, providing employment opportunities for new and established industries such as resources, engineering, logistics, construction, defence, food and beverage and sales.

Renewable energies will also be part of the masterplan.

Holden also plans to lease back a significant portion of the new site with a spare parts operation.

A Heritage Centre and hospitality venue is also proposed to recognise Holden’s long-term presence in Adelaide and the northern suburbs community. The Centre will house memorabilia from Holden Elizabeth collected over many years.

When will the new owner take over the site?

Site decommissioning needs to take place before the site is handed over.

The exact decommissioning process will depend on the requirements of the new owner, but we expect site decommissioning to take around 18 months after the October 20, 2017 closure.

What will happen at the site now that production has finished?

The decommissioning process will involve the removal of equipment and some infrastructure that is no longer needed.

Some equipment will be used in other GM plants around the world and some will be sold off. We held our first auction of surplus items in August 2016, and had another in April 2017. Most equipment will be auctioned following the end of production in October.

No buildings are planned for demolition.

As long as the site remains under Holden’s control, throughout the decommissioning process and thereafter, it will be kept neat and tidy.


To read the full media release about the purchase of the site, Click here.